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About Glass House
We set-up to provide handmade designer vases to people who wanted to find a high quality vase without having to hunt around expensive niche stores.
we are confident that our distribution model can deliver your vase to your door in the quickest time possible.
we have many years experience when sourcing the latest glass vases from Tehran. Whether you like trendy or contemporary glass we have it all here for you.
We are passionate about our vases and have listed a few principals that make our vases special.
1)Our vases are the equivalent of a beautiful piece of art; gorgeous, desirable and are more intricate than contemporaries. Sourced from the finest suppliers, they’re blown with fastidious care, fashioned to perfection and elegantly transported to our offices. And our vases have eye power too, they make a room seem bright and lively. The impact it creates when it arrives means that it won’t be quickly forgotten.
2)Our Vases are more than just coloured glass, each vase is blown and rolled by a passionate individual artist from outside the UK. Each vase is an expression of the artist drawn from an earthly influence to create the perfect vase
3)We are passionate about providing beautiful vases and if it means selling for a bit less to release a gorgeous vase to market so be it!
4)we have years of experience and know how to source the latest and most beautiful vases from around the world. We are totally confident that you will be delighted with your purchase. Should your vase arrive damaged or broken we will of course offer a replacement or 100% refund.
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Will usually dispatch within 2 working days of receiving cleared payment.

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